RC926 Yokomo Drift Package Conversion Kit

RC926 recently announced new chassis conversion kit for the Yokomo Drift Package. RC926 is releasing 2 different versions depending on your needs along with 7 different color options. Both designed with high mechanical traction in mind, the main chassis carbon thickness comes in 2.0mm or 2.6mm. This new chassis design has been in development for over one year, the 2.6mm chassis is suited for higher grip surfaces. This new chassis design has moved towards thinner and more flexible chassis to promote better mechanical traction, also known as High Traction.
RC926 Yokomo Drift Package Conversion Kit Contents

  • Carbon main chassis 2.6mm thick
  • Carbon upper deck 2.0mm thick
  • Aluminum steering bell crank post
  • Aluminum color for height adjustment aluminum steering bell crank post pieces × 6 (2mm thick)
  • Front and rear chassis brace mounting aluminum post × 4 pieces
  • Aluminum three-piece center bone ( 3 division type )
  • Two aluminum servo mount
  • M3 × 6mm × 2 this countersunk screw
  • M3 × 10mm × 9 this countersunk screw
  • Countersunk screw M3 × 12mm 2
  • 1 countersunk screw M3 × 14mm
  • M3 × 6mm × 2 this button cap screw
  • 10 this button cap screw M3 × 10mm
  • M3 × 18mm × 2 this button cap screw
  • Four M3 washer

Approximate MSRP: ¥16800JPY

Product Numbers and Versions

  • [KN-DP43SV] Silver 2.6mm Kit
  • [KN-DP43GD] Gold 2.6mm Kit
  • [KN-DP43PI] Pink 2.6mm Kit
  • [KN-DP43PL] Purple 2.6mm Kit
  • [KN-DP43BK] Black 2.6mm Kit
  • [KN-DP43RD] Red 2.6mm Kit
  • [KN-DP43KB] Blue 2.6mm Kit
  • [KN-DP42SV] Silver 2.0mm Kit
  • [KN-DP42GD] Gold 2.0mm Kit
  • [KN-DP42PI] Pink 2.0mm Kit
  • [KN-DP42PL] Purple 2.0mm Kit
  • [KN-DP42BK] Black 2.0mm Kit
  • [KN-DP42RD] Red 2.0mm Kit
  • [KN-DP42KB] Blue 2.0mm Kit

Source: RC926 Japan Website

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