1:10 Scale AE86 TOYOTA 4A-GE Engine

Through our partnership with Sesto Drift Team we are pleased to present another amazing piece of art from Demi76 in Italy. We have had a number of requests from our viewers looking for scale RC drift body engines. We have yet to see anyone in the market offering anything remotely close to this. Once again the Italians continue to impress this time with a Toyota AE86 4A-GE Engine. This engine is scale to every detail possible as you can see from the pictures and video below. Thanks again to Demi76 and Sesto Drift Team for sharing with us!

“After a year of work Demi76 has finished one of his most wonderful creations. We are talking about the exact scale replica of the famous engine 4A-GE AE86 mounted on and revisited here as racing.
The engine was built entirely by hand in every single piece using rods and sheets of Styrene. It ‘s so that starting from gaskets, pistons, cams etc. This museum piece boasts an impressive realism.
A time ended was then painted, of course, always at hand thus reaching a level of detail typical of the best modelers in the world.
What’s more, the motor can be opened and rotating the crankshaft can be observed even realistic reproduction of the movement of the pistons.
This work has left us all is the sixth Drift Team, both of the forums on which it was submitted, without words, to testify that Demi76 can be considered one of the best modelers in the world.”

Source: Sesto Drift Team