Speed Passion Reventon Pro Brushless ESC Series

Speed Passion Introduces the All New Reventon Pro Brushless ESC Series Industry Leading Innovative Brushless System. This new high-end brushless ESC “Reventon-Pro” is made for Competition. Speed Passion earned a second consecutive IFMAR World Championship in 2008, 2010. The new Pro has adopted the “ESC intercooler system” of the new structure, more efficient cooling the FET. It will deliver stable performance from beginning to finish! The unit comes with the Speed Passion SMART LCD program card, the firmware updates require the separate USB cable to connect. More details and pictures below.


  • Corresponding number of motor turns: 3.5T (2 cells)
  • 0.0003: resistor 960A / maximum instantaneous current 140A / maximum continuous current
  • Up to 2-cell Li-Po battery voltage: maximum input
  • 2 cells: the number of the corresponding cell LiPo
  • 6V/3V: voltage / current maximum BEC
  • (540 size however) 3.5T: motor limit
  • 35mm (L) × 40mm (W) × 20mm (H): body size
  • 40g: (without cable) Weight
  • LiFe batteries LiPo battery / 2 cell battery / 2 of 4-8 cell nickel-metal hydride cell
  • Support / sensorless brushless motors with sensor


  • SMART LCD program card
  • Standard cooling fan
  • Capacitor
  • Receiver cable
  • Battery and motor cables
  • Japanese manual

Source: Speed Passion

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