Speed Way Pal Carbon Graphite Slide Master 37R

Speed Way Pal has introduced another variation to the Slide Master TE-37R wheels. These are the first of its kind; available now in Carbon Graphite finish, for the matte black look. The TE-37 series of wheels are notorious in the 1:1 drifting world, and no doubt translates to the 1:10 world as well. Speed Way Pal makes a great line of RC Drift wheels, these are absolutely worth checking out.

These wheels are available in 7mm and 10mm offsets.

Slide Master 37R carbon graphite (Offset 7mm, offset 10mm)
PA070-7CG (Offset 7mm)
PA070-10CG (Offset 10mm)
Set of two
Price 850 yen (893 yen including tax) for like sales orders

Source: Speed Way Pal

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