Speed Way Pal Toyota AE86 N2 Levin

If you watch drift videos, then you have seen this car. The original race car was built by the late Sakurai-san of TRD Technocraft. Sakurai-san has created countless AE86’s since the 80’s that are still remembered for high performance winning race cars. The Toyota AE86 N2 Levin body was released by Speed Way Pal earlier this year, but we believe it deserves a spot here on DriftMission.com. The AE86 will always be an icon in the drift world, and drift RC is no different. All you Toyota AE86 fans, check it out today!

Aero Body Series by Speed Way Pal
“Toyota AE86 N2-LEVIN” new appearance!

  • Aero Mirror Type Ⅱ
  • Decal
  • Masking Seal
  • Fr & Rr Bumper Bumper
  • Separate body expression
  • Toyota Motor Corporation is approved.
    The polycarbonate body is not painted and chassis it not included.
    The photo show PA095 Display chassis and cockpit set and PA096-B real dummy muffler TYPE-B, which are NOT included with the body.
    Official Release Document
    Source: Speed Way Pal Japan

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