Spektrum DX3C

Spektrum has relased a new radio called the DX3C; the DX3C will replace their previous DX2 and DX3 predecessors. The new radio will be aimed at anyone upgrading from and old am/fm modeulated system or anyone new getting into the radio control scene. This radio is due out this month so keep it in mind when upgrading your gear. Read more in the full post.
Everyone dreams that their first computer radio will have exactly what they need, be easy to use, totally reliable, and not cost an arm and a leg. The DX3C from Spektrum is just such a system. An evolution of the reliable DSM series of two and three channel systems, it has the popular features car and boat drivers need such as programmable mixing, four-way steering and exponential, plus 20 memory spaces to suit you as your fleet grows. For fast software updates, the DX3C also hides an SD card slot under the moisture-resistant grip. Custom features like interchangeable grips, assignable switches and adjustable steering wheel tension are just a few of the benefits that will help even the sport driver feel like an expert.

Key Features

– 20 Model Memory
– Rolling Selector
– SR300 Receiver Included
– Adjustable Steering Wheel Tension
– Inactivity Warning
– Exponential
– Assignable Switches
– Programmable Mix and Steering Mix
– Interchangeable Grips
– SD Card Slot
– Marine Compatible

Product Specifications

– # of Channels: 3
– Modulation: DSM, DSM2 & Marine
– Band: 2.4GHz
– Receiver: SR300
– Model Memory: 20
– Modes: Standard
For more information on the DX3C, click here.
For more information, check out spektrums website.

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