Spice Desire SRD-01 Option Parts

RC Spice has just announced the entire option parts line-up and spare parts list for the Desire SRD-01 chassis. The new option parts list will leave you desiring everything new for the chassis. Complete from front one-way tube all to the blue aluminum turnbuckles. The only thing lacking, if you consider the fiber reenforced plastic (FRP) to be inadequate, would be the carbon fiber chassis. Among the list of options parts will be a counter-steer kit, capable of 1.54/1.66/1.82 overdrive ratios! This is good new for those who invested in this chassis, check them out today.

The option parts available for this chassis will raise it to the next level. The addition of the Front one-way tube and aluminum rear spool will already help with performance. Add countersteer gears to the mix and you will have high performance drift machine. New aluminum damper bodies are available to replace the stock plastic ones, for more improved performance and consistency. New and improved slotted aluminum motor mount to increase heat dissipation. Another major option part available from spice is 60º CVDs, I believe Spice would be first to offer CVDs with such a large angle. There are too many to list, check out the list of “bling bling”.

The option parts list:

RC Spice has also announced full support for this chassis. All and any stock part you need for the chassis will be available individually!
The parts list for the chassis:

As you can tell RC Spice is serious about this Desire SRD-01 chassis. Their parts support appears to be top notch and even rival major RC companies. The chassis is designed for pure drifting fun and performance. It is definitely worth checking out. If you would like more detailed look at the chassis, check out our chassis review section!
Source: Spice Japan