Street Jam OTA-R31 Gear Differential

Street Jam OTA-R31 Gear Differential

Street Jam OTA-R31 Gear DifferentialStreet Jam has introduced a new gear differential for the OTA-R31 chassis. The new gear diff looks to be capable of being filled with differential fluid for a limited slip effect. Gear differentials have greater durability than ball differentials due to the spider gear that transfer power from side to side, rather than diff balls. Gear differentials require less maintenance than a traditional ball differential, so this is a good alternate option. The pulley size should be 39T similar to that on a stock R31 chassis. Street Jam OTA-R31 users should check it out.

Street Jam OTA-R31 Gear Differentail
Part Number: 31OP19

  • Spider gear system
  • More durable than ball differential
  • Less maintenance than ball differential
  • Fluid filled gear box compartment to create limited slip
  • 39T integrated pulley

Approximate MSRP: ¥3300JPY
Projected release date of middle to late April 2012.
Source: Street Jam

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