Street Jam OTA-R3R

*Updated 06/23/2011 Now Available!* The infamous Street Jam OTA-R31 has made a big impact in the drift world today. It was one of the first chassis designed with full countersteering (CS) drifting in mind; with optimal midship motor placement and the most steering angle of any kit out of the box, this chassis had it all. The only major criticism for many was the lack of “bling bling”. The original R31 featured a carbon graphite composite molded chassis and bulkheads, with only the suspension dampers hopped up. Street Jam has just announced the OTA-R3R! Basically it is the OTA-R31 with a makeover, check out the full article for more.
A few months ago Street Jam released a limited edition “super” kit, known as the OTA-R3X kit. This kit featured the top of the line electronics from Sanwa and Keyence, both top players in the Japanese market. In the kit also included the infamous OTA-R31 with a facelift. The new chassis was now wrapped in nice carbon fiber and some new annodized aluminum goodies we all want. A great addition to an already tested and true drift chassis. Rumors started to stir as the demand for this chassis started to rise.

Today Street Jam made the official annoucement of the OTA-R3R chassis kit. This will be released as a high performance kit so no electronics or extras will be included, only a the rolling chassis. This kit will be available in the mid to end of June, retailing at ¥59,800 ($729USD/€518/£448).
*UPDATE* Major Kit Components

  • Carbon fiber main chassis
  • Carbon fiber side beams
  • Front and rear aluminum bulkheads
  • Front and rear aluminum supports
  • Carbon fiber damper stay
  • Front and rear Universal Shafts
  • Cooling motor mount
  • Front bumper brace
  • Full Ball-bearings
  • Front one-way tube
  • Rear solid axle
  • Aluminum suspension blocks
  • Aluminum adjustable dampers
  • Aluminum drive hubs
  • Drive pulleys can be change
  • Turnbuckles
  • Servo saver
  • Front under wing
  • Rear diffuser
  • Rays TE37SL wheels with tires (medium, 45°) included.
  • Source: Street Jam Japan

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