Street Jam Work XSA Wheels

Street Jam just announced these new Work XSA 03C wheels for your RC drifting needs. These rims are available in 6mm or 10mm offset and have a nice look and finish. The wheels are done up in the style of the NK Company/SJ real 1:1 S14 drift car. These wheels will have a MSRP of ¥780 per pair of wheels. Aesthetically, Street Jam did a very good job replicating the Work Emotion XSA wheels down to 1:10 scale. These have been done before by the likes of HPI but never with the attention to detail that Street Jam provides. Work XSA-03C is the latest addition to the XSA series from Work Wheels. Just like all XSA series wheels, the XSA-03C is widely used in motor sport vehicles in Japan due to it’s wide range of sizes, offsets and customization features. XSA-03C has all the traditional look of a true JDM wheel style, a clean 10 Fin-Type spokes.

Model #’s

  • XSAR06 – 6mm XSA Wheels
  • XSAR10 – 10 mm XSA Wheels

PDF Order Form
Source: Street Jam

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