MST Camber Gauge

Max Speed Technology continues to release great products for the RC Drifting community. This is no exception, the MST Camber Gauge can help you to determine accurate numbers all around. We all know the importance of a good setup so this is a good tool for anyone that does not already have a camber gauge.…

Dynamic Camber RC Drifting

Check out this modification from Atsushi Mizunaga at TEAM-TETSUJIN. Dynamic camber will carry out camber change, if a machine rolls. A ground contact area is pulled out to the utmost. High traction. Effective on the low road surface. Running hard becomes matchless. このサスペンションシステムはマシンがロールすると キャンバー変化します。 接地面積を最大限に引き出します。 ハイトラクション。 特にμの低い路面で有効。 追走が無敵になります。 — with Atsushi Mizunaga at TEAM-TETSUJIN.