Speedline CG RWD Tire Testing Video
Take a look at these narrow RWD front tires from our friends at Speedline. They definitely give you some advantages over normal sized RC drift tires. As you can see in the video when its locked you got it fully locked šŸ™‚ Great option for anyone trying to get... Read more
HEI-KO Constant Grip PE Tire Test Video
We are testing out a few different tire brands for an upcoming features on DriftMission.com. These are the HEI-KO Constant Grip PE RC Drift Tires, these have a great look and feel. As you can see from the video we mounted them up to the MST XXX-D VIP 2.0CS.... Read more
HEI-KO Constant Grip PE Tires
HEI-KO has just announced a new set of tires for high ratio/RWD RC Drifting. These new Constant Grip PE tires will ensure a constant contact point for up to 25 degrees in both directions! These are the latest version of the HEI-KO drift tires. The “Constant Grip” PE drift... Read more