November 2015 RC Drift Body of The Month Winner

After another great round of the DriftMission Forums RC Drift Body of The Month contest we have a winner! This months winner is RexRacer 19 with his D-Like Rockstar S13 . Full voting details are posted below the photos. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! If you are interested…

Drift Stage D-Like Nissan Silvia S14 Body
July 29 2011 Update: New pictures Drift Stage D-Like has done it again! They have just announced their brand new Nissan Silvia S14 Body. This body will be made in 3 parts; front bumper, rear bumper and body, for the the ultimate detailed looking Nissan Silvia S14. D-like is... Read more
D-Like 180SX Body with Wing
Everyone has seen “Drift Stage D-Like” videos on youtube, they are legendary in the world of RC Drift! The Nissan 180SX is an iconic car in the drift scene; it is still considered one of the premier drift cars in the world! Now you can get your very own... Read more
D-Like Counter Pulley Set
Everyone has seen D-like videos, for many it was the inspiration to get into RC Drifting. Now you can drift D-Like with their new counter pulley set for the D-Like Re-R CER. D-like is featuring two countersteer (CS) ratios available; 1.5 and 1.7 over drive. Included in the kit... Read more
D-LIKE Re-R Conversion Kit
Ever wonder if you could convert a shaft driven car to a belt driven one? D-Like has released a conversion kit for the Yokomo Drift Package, dubbed the Weight Shift-MEISTER! This is a direct conversion for the Drift Package Type A or B without any extra parts. This mid-shp... Read more