Yokomo 180SX – Maruma Body Kit Video
This is the DM Yokomo Nissan 180SX Body w/ The Maruma Body Kit. It is running on a Yokomo/Overdose DRB RC Drift Chassis with a CS Ratio of 2.5. THUMBS UP FOR THE COFFEE DROP!! __ Royalty Free Music from Bensound! Read more
Oxygen Alloy Short Battery Holder for Yokomo & MST Chassis
Are you looking to add more rear weight to your Max Speed Technology or Team Yokomo RC Drift chassis? This new adjustable alloy battery holder from Oxygen is made to work with the vast majority of Max Speed Technology and Team Yokomo RC Drift Chassis. Oxygen has shown they... Read more
Yokomo Toyota Chaser JZX100 Video
Check out the latest VIP body the Yokomo Toyota Chaser JZX100 Body. As most in the hobby already know Yokomo is known for creating the best bodies, and this one is no exception. The Chaser is running on the Yokomo DRB running CS rate of 2.3. __ Royalty Free... Read more
DriftMission Yokomo ER34 Video
This is the Yokomo Nissan Skyline ER-34 Blitz body with complete URAS Gang kit and Demi Works RB 26 Engine Bay and Team Tetsujin LED Kit!! COMPLETE MADNESS!! Running on the Yokomo DRB running a CS of 2.2. You can check out the ER34 build here -> http://forum.driftmission.com/Thread-yokomo-er34-uras-gang-demi-works-engine-bay Royalty... Read more
Weld Overdose Yokomo Bumper Support
>Weld Overdose has released another production run of the Overdose Yokomo front bumper support now in new colors! The new front bumper has been designed by Overdose for the best aesthetic appeal and style. The new front bumper support also adds a small mount of weight to the front... Read more
Yokomo DRB Countersteer 2.0 Hyperdrive with Vertex Nissan Silvia S15 RC Drift body now with light buckets huzzah!! Overdose Work Wheels CR Kai White. Let us know what you think in the comments section below! _________________________________________ Music by danosongs – Magic Ghost – Used under license Read more
TN-Racing 65 Degree Wide Angle Universal Driveshafts
NEW from TN-Racing Universal Drive Shafts Set 45 mm that can provide upto 65 Degree wide Angle. This is a Great way to add more angle to your drifter for countersteer or rear wheel drive drifting. They are available for the Yokomo DRB and Drift Package, these parts have... Read more
Driftmission.com Drift RC Counter-steer Tools
Drift Mission presents an online RC Drift CS ratio and final drive ratio calculator. Now updated with a new and more efficient user interface. The online calculator makes it easy to find your RC Drift counter-steer ratio. The new Tools section will feature 2-belt and 3-belt CS calculator; the... Read more