Team Tetsujin Aluminum Intercooler Review
Introduction Tetsujin has available aluminum intercooler for the scale RC drift use. Made with high quality aluminium. The intercooler detail is very impressive, they have captured all the important aspects of a real intercooler and scaled it for your RC. Even the hose connections into the intercooler are made... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Intercooler Decal
Wrap UP Next continues to impress us here at DriftMission with releases like this it’s no wonder. If you have been using the cheap plastic type intercoolers from the likes of HPI, Tamiya, or R2 Hobbies. You can now make it look better with the use of these new... Read more
Blade Racing Intercooler Version 2
Blade Racing has improved on their intercooler for the scale RC drift junkies. At a weight of 29g, the inter-cooler made from metal. The new version of the intercooler also has adjustable mounting brackets to better fit a variety of Drift RC chassis. If you are seeking a creative... Read more R2 Hobbies Intercooler Review
After we featured the R2 Hobbies intercooler we knew this was going to be one of our first review items. After hearing good and bad things about R2 Hobbies we decided to put them to the test. We had no issues with our order and have been very pleased... Read more
Blade Racing BL 585 Intercooler
Blade Racing has created one of the most impressive scale accessory ever to hit the RC Drift scene. A 27g inter-cooler made from steel. If you are seeking a creative way to add bumper weight to your chassis, then this is the ultimate disguise you can find. The intercooler... Read more