MST TR56 Pro Aluminum Dampers

Max Speed Technology has introduced a new set of high performance dampers to the RC drift market. The TR56 Aluminum Dampers are made for maximum durability and high performance. This will be compatible with many existing MST chassis, and also universally usable on any chassis. MST TR56 Professional Aluminium Dampers…

Max Speed Technology LSD 3.0 RS Gyro

Max Speed Technology has released a new and improved gyro that improves the LSD 2.0. This new LSD 3.0 RS gyro comes with new 3 Drift mode for different RWD drift settings. The S-Drive mode is the standard mode for the gyro, the L-Drive features a more flexible approach which…

Burnout Demon S15 RC Drift Smoke Generator Video

This is our second video showcasing the amazing Burnout Demon RC Drifting Smoke Machine. As you can see from this video clearly the smoke stops when the throttle is off, this is adjustable depending on your SMOKESHOW.  We can’t get enough of the Burnout Demon as it amps up the…

RWD RC Drift MST MS 01-D Video
RWD RC Drifting the MST MS-01D VIP Short Wheel Base with some much needed upgrades to the steering. The new IFS suspension was a large part of the upgrade. The body is the Tamiya Porsche 911 GT2 Taisan, it is a used body we picked up with the chassis.... Read more
MST MS-01D RWD RC Drift Chassis Video
This is a new DriftMission custom MST MS-01D Short Wheel Base RWD chassis featuring the Oxygen Aluminum Rear Battery Holder and the all new Speedline 8 Spoke Wheels with Speedline CG Tires! As you can see in the video the chassis could benefit from more angle and tuning… The... Read more
Max Speed Technology RWD Prototype Chassis
These are the first pictures we have seen of the recently announced Prototype Max Speed Technology RWD RC Drift chassis. This is currently in the prototyping stages and is expected to be released before in the coming months. This is potentially one of the most exciting RWD chassis we... Read more
MST AKM Aluminum Upright Kit
MST recently released new MST AKM Aluminum Uprights (Steering Knuckles) Kit. The uprights are designed for anyone seeking more steering related adjustments. There are more than 20 adjustable ackermann angle settings, 9 sets of kingpin inclination angle adjustments and 18 kingpin snaps from top to bottom. This option part... Read more
M.A.D 1/10 Custom RC Drift Parts
New players on the scene, M.A.D 1/10 – Massive Angle Dynamics have recently released some RWD focussed 3D printed options for the Yokomo Drift Package and MST RC Drift chassis. Currently they have option parts for those that have converted the Drift Package to RWD/2WD RC Drifting, along with... Read more
MST Realistic RC Touring Car Tires
Max Speed Technology has been making RC Drift tires since they started. They have decided to add a new rubber tire to the collection of MST RC Touring Car/Rally Car Tires, the MST Realistic Rubber Tires. These tires are very similar to the HPI Racing T-Drift style RC Drift... Read more
MST RRX-D VIP Unboxing & First Run Video
This is the all new Max Speed Technology RRX-D VIP RWD/2WD RC Drift Chassis. This video is showing the RRX-D VIP performance out of the box, the only change we made was to the gyro. Instead of the included version one LSD MST gyro, we opted for the upgraded... Read more
MST Aluminum Brake Disc and Caliper Kit
MST recently released a new Aluminum Brake Disc and Caliper optional kit for their line-up of chassis. The new kit includes larger brake discs with a 6mm hex hub and matching sized red calipers. The caliper are made to be mounted on MST steering knuckles for optimal fitment. Included... Read more