Pandora RC Datsun 510 Bluebird Body

Another oldschool release from Pandora RC, The Datsun 510 Bluebird! Officially launched as the Datsun 1600 Bluebird series, this RC body revisits the old days of the Nissan/Datsun line-up. The Pandora RC Datsun 510 Bluebird is a more evolved than the Datsun 1000, but still bears all the important traits…

Pandora RC Toyota Mark 2 JZX81

This Toyota Mark 2 JZX81 kit looks fantastic and is officially licensed by Toyota Motor Co. This body is expected to be available in the coming days and will retail for around $40 USD. The body features light buckets (lexan), front and rear bumpers, along with the masks and decals….

Pandora Nissan Laurel C34 Body

Pandora RC has released a new old school body the Nissan Laurel C34. This is the 7th generation of the popular Laurel series chassis. Now Pandora RC offers the C33, C34, C35 Laurel body styles. This is the latest release from Pandora RC and it is now available for around…

RC Drift – September Question of The Month
Thank you all for answering our question of the month for August 2011, we were very happy to see such a large response. With 30 days of voting we had a total of 212 votes cast, with Countersteer 1.51-2.00% winning by a large margin with 52% of the vote.... Read more