Wrap-Up Next Gyro

With all the popularity around Rear Wheel Drive RC Drifting and the Wrap-UP NEXT FR-D RWD Conversion chassis. Wrap UP has released a gyro to make RWD more smooth and appealing. We have tried RWD here at DriftMission but found it very slow and not as fun as a high rate CS car. Many RWD…

Junkies Number RWD & 4WD RC Tandem Drift

These guys at Junkies really know how to do it! With motto being “No Drift No Life”, we would expect nothing less. This video is a good representation of what RC Drifting is all about! 百合が原サーキット ラジコン ツインドリフト Blue 180SX ALEX CER D08 yokomo type C 4WD Red R34 HB TC-D 2WD 二駆と四駆のツインドリです。