Overdose WELD FR-S 3D Grill and Emblem Set
Weld Overdose has released new realistic 3D Grill and Emblem Decal Set for the recent release of the high detail Weld FR-S Drift body. This decal set is a fresh addition to the Weld 3D Graphic Series. The new 3D Grill and Emblem Set will add a new dimension... Read more
Overdose Weld Scion FR-S Body
Weld Overdose has announced a new addition to the RC drift body series for 2016. The Weld rendition of the Scion FR-S was created utilizing a full digital analysis with a 3D scanner to replicate to the 1:1 version of the Weld FR-S (you can learn more about the... Read more
Weld Overdose Scion FR-S 3D Decals
Weld Overdose has announced realistic 3D decals for their recent release of the Weld Overdose Scion FR-S Drift body. New printing technology has enabled Overdose to create such details for their new bodies. The new 3D Grille emblem and lights will add a new dimension to your scale body.... Read more
Weld Overdose Scion FR-S Body
Weld Overdose has announced a new RC drift body for release in Japan by Mid October of 2013. The Scion FR-S is a popular as the North American version of the Toyota GT-86. Once again Overdose has done a great job with this body and made improvements to its... Read more
HPI Scion tC and FR-S
We have had a few requests from visitors wondering where to get a Scion tC & FR-S shell. For those visitors not in North America, Scion is a brand of vehicles produced by Toyota Motor Corporation for the North American market. We have confirmed that these bodies are only... Read more