Tamiya TB Evo 6 Touring Car Chassis
The Tamiya TB Evolution line-up of shaft drive 4WD racing machines began its lineage in the year 2000. Since that time the machines released in subsequent years have evolved. The new TB Evo 6 continues the tradition of evolution by introducing new design elements and proven parts from many of... Read more
Tamiya TB-04 Pro Version II
This is a limited edition release of the R/C TB-04 PRO chassis kit. The advanced on-road chassis is paired with upgraded parts, including some from the Tamiya Racing Factory TRF418 chassis, for a thrilling blend of high speed and crisp handling! The chassis features a number of newly-designed parts... Read more
Tamiya TB-04 Pro
The TB-04 PRO chassis is the successor to the TB-03 chassis, and this race circuit chassis inherits its efficient shaft-driven 4WD system with a newly developed, horizontally-positioned motor placement design. The chassis features a number of newly-designed parts and provides a blend of speed and handling that R/C racers... Read more
Tamiya TB-04 Pro Chassis
Tamiya finally announced information on the new TB-04 Pro chassis. This is the evolution of the TB-03 chassis with some unique features. The most noticeable is the motor position, once parallel to the main driveshaft. It has now been repositioned to be perpendicular, similar to belt driven touring chassis.... Read more