Team Tetsujin Lexus RC-F Body in Action

This amazing video comes from one of our favorite YT channels for RC Drifting – DriftMania RC – Mikasu Works.  The new Team Tetsujin Lexus RC-F looks great running around on this track.  Let us know what you think in the comments below! For more information on the new Team Tetsujin…

DriftMission HPI Racing Rocket Bunny Boss V2 S14 Video

The HPI Racing Boss S14 V2 body has got to be one of the most sought after bodies of 2016. They have been sold out pretty much ever since they went on sale and it’s no surprise after seeing this in person. The workmanship on this body is outstanding. All…

Lexus ISF Team Tetsujin RWD RC Drift Video

Check out the all new Team Tetsujin Lexus ISF TRD Version RC Drift Body Shell! This bad boy looks amazing and is definetely the strongest body to date from Team Tetsujin. The orange ISF is running on the MST RRX VIP, and the blue ISF is on the MST FXX…

RC Drift Police Chase – A New Era Part 7
Countersteer Drift RC Police Chase A New Era Part 7 A new era has begun for Big Boss Man with his new recruits joining the force to help catch those evil drifters! Mario and Luigi could not resist the Donuts! They came out to get a snack when…. TEAM... Read more
RC Drift Police Chase – Chromed Out Wheels Spinning Part 6
Countersteer Drift RC Police Chase – The long awaited sequel has been released! Part 6 of the popular RC Drift Police Chase series! Big Boss man is back again, this time with backup! There is a mystery driver on scene with a CHROMED out ride… up to no good! Read more
RC Drift Cross Championship – Part 5 RC Police Chase
Operation rescue Mario has begun for the team, luckily a drift cross championship will pay just enough to cover his Bail money. RC Countersteer vs 50/50 drift cross championship! Don’t worry the Police Chase will be back in the next episode when Mario BREAKS FREE! BMW M3 GT2 VS.... Read more
RC Drift Police Chase – Case of The Missing Donut Part 4
Countersteer Drift RC Police Chase – Will Big Boss Man find his Missing Donut from Part 3?, special guest appearances by DK! & Maariooo. LAPD K-9 Subaru WRX STi (Tamiya TA-05 1.6CS) vs. Lamborghini Gallardo (Yokomo MR4TC-SSG 1.5CS) Countersteerドリフト-ウィルビッグボスマンは、第3部からの彼の不足しているドーナツを見つけるには、ドリフトキングの特別ゲスト出演! (ドンキーコング)&DMは(ドリフトマリオ)。 LAPDのK – 9スバルインプレッサWRX STI(タミヤのTA-051.6CS)対ランボルギーニガヤルド(コモMR4TC- SSGは1.5CS) Read more
RC Drift Police Chase Series Episode 3
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RC Drift Police Chase Episode 1
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1:10 Los Angeles Police Dept. RC Drift Police Car Custom
Los Angeles Police Department K-9 Unit RC Yokomo SSG Drift Subaru WRX With Lightbar & Pushbar. Lightbar is a DIY kit, Pushbar was made from styrene. (Countersteer 1.5)(Tamiya Subaru WRX Body) Read more