Tamiya TA-05 GRT (ER Conversion)

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RC Drift Chassis Information



Track Surface


Motor and ESC


Chassis Settings




Camber (Positive is out, Negative is in)

Toe (Degrees) (Positive is out, Negative is in)

Caster (Degrees)


Kick-up (mm)

Sway Bar

Ride Height (mm)

Damper Settings


Damper Oil

Upper Damper Position (Lower # indicates inner most position)

Lower Damper Position (Lower # indicates inner most position)

Other (Weights, Mods, etc)




Front Center

Rear Center






Video of the GRT conversion chassis in action September 11, 2011

December 29, 2011

Did some major upgrades to this chassis, still not fully tuned yet, got some small glitches that still need to be worked out.

12 Comments on “Tamiya TA-05 GRT (ER Conversion)”

  1. Hi, so I fallowed your idea about the solid axle in the front with a Center One-way.  But I was wondering if you happen to put a shim between the rear center pulley and the Front Center one-way.  I only ask because my center one-way has a slight drag and I see it rubbing against the rear center pulley. As for installation, I just dropped it in and replaced all the E-clips. 

    Here’s my pulley setup:

    I know for sure that my belts aren’t too tight or rubbing against anything.  I do a chalk test to see if any plastics are touching the belts. 

  2. yes i believe i put 1 1mm shim in between… make sure its not too tight between the two center pulleys. I only use the solid axle up front for testing purposes. i plan on changing the front spool to a front one way eventually. Also i will also be changing the rear center to 24 soon 😉

      1. Thanks for your interest Willian!  There will be updates coming soon.  Right now I am working on some upgrades for it at the moment.

        New front one-way, slightly higher CS ratio, new TSD high angle CVD’s, Version 2 steering assembly, suspension arms, high angle c-hub and steering knuckle.
        Will update videos and settings once completed 🙂

        1. Thanks for the response.  My Eagle has all of those except for the high CS Ratio.  I’m currently running 72% for now.  But only because my switch back from left to right or vice versa is garbage.  I’ve tried messing with the springs, balancing the chassis, and droop screws. No luck….  I recently just tried using a 30g weight up front it seems to help a bit.  I’m afraid to add too much weight.  Anyways, I look forward to your next video.

          PS: Thanks for adding my Purple Soarer and RX7. =)

          1. Just added a new video to this post.  It still has a bit of a problem doing sudden switches but easily compensated with throttle correction.  Still more tuning to go, but so far it drives quite well!

            NP, always glad to post up nice rides =P

  3. Didn’t you have 55g’s of weight in the front?  Any reason for removing it?  I find myself depending on front weight to get more front traction. Otherwise I understeer  during drifts. 

    1. Yes it was previously necessary on the other chassis.  After upgrades I like to start tuning from scratch so the weight was removed.  Still in the process of tuning and tweaking so not sure if I will continue to use it.  The current setup works very well if weight shifting is carried out correctly, once the weight is unloaded incorrectly the car goes into oversteer city.  Currently just enjoying the challenge of tuning this car and will update in the future 🙂

  4. im looking to get that cs ratio on my ta-05 grt but im trying to find the rear belt the 485mm on eagle racing there nothing with 485mm.. the only thing i saw similar its a 486mm.. any idea if it will fit i see the picture that the belt tensionner is at the max height… or will i have to use a 30T instead in the rear to compensate for the longer belt.. ?

    1. That should be fine I believe. Not only you have the tensioner on the rear of the chassis, but you still have the Rear differential that adjusts as well as the adjustment on the motor bulk head (mount?). The DM mod should chime in.

      1. yeah your right forgot about the rear tensioner and yeah could adjust the belt with the bulkhead thx for the reply 🙂

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