Tamiya TA-05 VDF 2

The annual Shizouka Hobby show is set for May 2012 in Shizouka, Japan. Tamiya has made the announcement of several new chassis coming soon to the market. The most notable being the next generation VDF chassis. The new TA-05 VDF 2 will be officially announced at Shizouka with many new features and improvements over its preprocessor. Tamiya has kept this chassis well hidden, unfortunately we have not been able to obtain any pictures. Looks like we will have to wait for the official announcement, more information regarding the specifications and features in the rest of the post.

The new TA05 VDF2 has been improved over the original VDF. It has essentially been redesigned to fit the modern RC Drift standards. Now with a 2.5mm main chassis, they look to optimize the mechanical traction and roll characteristics of the chassis. The steering assembly has been redesigned, so now it will be adjustable for Ackerman and overall steering angle. The motor mount has been drastically redesigned, it is now located farther up the front of the chassis. There is also an addition of a third belt, we suspect it is similar to the R31 style intermediate belt. Unfortunately this is does not come countersteer CS ready, it will be a 50/50 setup running (37T/18T). So far that is all the information available from Tamiya’s announcement of their Shizouka release line-up. More information to come after the official unveiling.
84294 Tamiya TA-05 VDF2 Specifications:

  • 2.5mm carbon lower deck
  • Designed for more flexibility and mechanical traction
  • New motor mount design
  • Addition of center belt (3 belt design?)
  • Adjustable steering assembly
  • 37T front and rear pulleys
  • 18T center pulleys
  • Aluminium turnbuckles
  • TRF dampers
  • Universal driveshafts
  • Aluminium steering assembly

Approximate MSRP: ¥49800JPY
Source: Tamiya Japan

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