Tamiya TA-05 VDF (Gold Edition)

Tamiya TA-05 VDF Special Gold Edition! Tamiya has re-released their popular and limited dedicated drift chassis, this time with Gold annodized aluminum hop-ups. The TA-05 VDF is one of many now popular midship motor drift chassis. The midship motor design and lateral battery placement makes the weight distribution ideal for drifting. Fully equipped with gold annodize Tamiya TRF Dampers and unique dual vertical frame design, this chassis has nothing but drifting in mind. The kit comes fully equipped with a front ball differential, direct coupling rear differential, front and rear universal shafts, 2mm thick carbon frame, aluminum steering arms and hub extentions for parallel steering geometry. This TA-05 VDF will be another high demand chassis from Tamiya and like its predecessor, this gold VDF is again limited production release so get it now while they are available.

Specs and Features
– 1/10 R/C assembly kit.-All the anodized aluminum parts now come reproduced with
– Chassis Length: 366mm, Width: 188mm, Wheelbase: 257mm, Tread (F/R): 168mm.
– Chassis features 2mm thick carbon Vertical Double Frame and a 2mm thick Carbon Lower Deck.
– The parallel geometry steering system provides this machine with excellent steering control for counter steering.
– Flouring coated, threaded bodied, TRF dampers included.
– Gear Ratio range= 4.39-8.53:1
– Front ball differential and rear locked differential.
– Foam bumper.
– Short reversible suspension as used on the TB03, TA05 V2, TRF416 and TRF417 chassis.
– Universal joint axles-Belt drive 4WD, full independent suspension.
– 36T differential pulleys and 18T center pulley.
– Comes equipped with full ball bearings.
Source: Tamiya USA

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