Tamiya TA-06 Pro Upgrade Package

Tamiya has announced a new TA-06 Pro Upgrade package that will come with hop ups out of the box. They have yet to announce a price, but say it should be available sometime this month at Tamiya retailers. This will be a limited edition run so they will probably sell out fast considering all the upgrades. Although it’s not a purpose built drift machine it has been gaining popularity due to part availability and adaptability of the chassis. DriftMission recently picked up a full CF TA-06 Pro that we will be featuring soon, along with a full review of the TA-06 Pro chassis. This kit will include hop ups like F/R Stabilizer Sets, Aluminum Steering Set, Upgraded Drive Shaft, and more. The TA-06 Pro features F-1 style suspension, narrower chassis foot print, longitudinal battery positioning and features Tamiya’s new Dual Drive System. Check out the full article for all the details we have.

Limited Edition TA-06 Upgrade Package 92243

  • OP1315 heat sink motor plate
  • OP1304 TA06 39T front coupling
  • OP1309 Stabilizer Set (F / R)
  • W drive shaft (44 size)
  • OP1310 TA06 aluminum steering set
  • OP1308 TA06 Aluminum Steering Bridge
  • OP1306 TA06 (52T)
  • TRF sticker set (Mirror)

The latest addition to Tamiya’s on-road R/C touring car product line is the TA06 PRO, which was created with input from the world championship-winning TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) team. Tamiya started the modern touring car standard with the TA-01, which was first released in 1992. This is the 6th generation 4WD chassis, which features a totally new layout design that offers excellent balance. The motor and battery are mounted along the center-line of the chassis with the radio gear positioned on either side. The DUAL-DRIVE SYSTEM features belt-driven front and gear-driven rear wheels. The gear-driven wheels offer sharp throttle response and improved acceleration. The battery pack can be accessed from the underside of the chassis for convenience. The refined Inboard Front Suspension (IFS) setup can also be changed to a standard outboard setup thanks to the kit-included damper stay parts. Front and rear gearboxes are equipped with newly-designed gear diff units to efficiently transmit motor power and offer superb traction and acceleration.

Source: Tamiya USA

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