Tamiya TB-04 Pro Chassis

Tamiya finally announced information on the new TB-04 Pro chassis. This is the evolution of the TB-03 chassis with some unique features. The most noticeable is the motor position, once parallel to the main driveshaft. It has now been repositioned to be perpendicular, similar to belt driven touring chassis. This change will effectively reduce torque steer faced by many shaft driven chassis. Another change is the shorter dampers. They appear to have larger damper oil capacity but shorter overall length. Still able to utilize traditional length Tamiya springs, this chassis may be more fit for touring and RC Drift. The Caster Hub (C-hub) has been changed 6 degree caster and redesigned for functionality. The change is caster will yield better overall control and steering response. The new Tamiya TB-04 Pro is scheduled to be released in September of 2013. Body, battery, motor, RC mechanical, tire, wheel, etc. are not included with the kit.

84339 TB-04 Pro Chassis Kit

  • Carbon damper stays
  • Short TRF dampers
  • 6 degree C-hub design
  • 44mm C-clip style front universal driveshafts
  • Aluminum turn-buckles
  • High torque server saver (Black)
  • Full ball bearings
  • New motor position
  • Reduction of torque steer
  • Increase driving response
  • Pro performance chassis kit

Approximate MSRP: ¥49800JPY

Images from Tamiya Japan Website, linked below

TB-04 for optional parts also released at the same time!
Front One-Way set
Aluminum Ball Diff
Aluminum motor adapter
Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
Carbon Damper Stay (Rear) 
Compatible TB-03 parts
SP.1351 TB-03 A Parts (Gear Case)
SP.1352 TB-03 C Parts (Front Upright)
SP.1353 TB-03 D Parts (Suspension Arm)
SP.1354 TB-03 E Parts (Rear Upright)
SP. 1355 TB-03 M Parts (Damper Stay)
SP.1371 TB-03D N parts such as (Suspension Mount)
OP. TB-03 Aluminum Suspension Mount various
OP. TA05ver.II separate aluminum suspension mount various
OP.1075 TB-03 Fluorine Coated pillow-ball King tweezers
OP.1089 TB-03 carbon bumper support
OP.1090 TB-03 Aluminum Servo stay (R )
OP.1098 TB-03 A carbon reinforced parts (gear case)
(rear) OP.1122 TB-03 Carbon Damper Stay
OP.1123 TB-03 M carbon reinforced parts (Damper Stay)
OP.1124 TB-03D Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
OP.1128 TB-03D Aluminum bumper support
OP.1137 TB-03D Aluminum Rear Upright (1 °)
OP.1145 TB-03 EX urethane bumper
OP.1146 TB-03 such as aluminum damper stay mount
Source: Tamiya Japan TB-04 Pro Chassis