Tamiya TT-02D Type-S Drift Chassis

Tamiya has released a new variation to the popular 1/10 scale electric TT-02D TYPE-S drift spec chassis kit. The TYPE-S model has been upgraded with Tamiya’s reversible suspension system, CVA damper, super drift tires and a torque tuned motor.
This version of the TT-02D comes upgraded with blue anodized option parts. On sale now at RCDriftMission.com for $179.47 USD


  • Aluminum propeller shaft to improve drive efficiency
  • Tamiya reversible suspension arms system
  • Oil filled CVA dampers for improve suspension characteristics
  • Aluminum motor mount to improve rigidity and power transfer
  • Turnbuckles for ease of adjustments

Tamiya TT-02D Type-S Drift Spec Chassis

  • FRP made of 3mm thick front and rear shock stays
  • suspension mounts carved metal
  • reversible suspension arm (Long type SP.1297)
  • CVA oil damper, full bearing specification
  • turn buckle type before and after the upper arm
  • OP.1358 torque Tuned Motor
  • OP.1020 super drift tire (24mm width)
  • OP.1501 TT-02 aluminum propeller shaft
  • OP.1502 TT-02 aluminum propeller joint

Approximate MSRP: $216.00 USD
On sale now at RCDriftMission.com for ONLY $179.47 USD
Source: Tamiya USA