Team Bomber Conversion Kit for Tamiya TA-05 VDF

New Tamiya TA-05 VDF conversion kit from Team Bomber. The new chassis has been designed to enhance both traction and maneuverability. The conversion kit utilizes blue and white carbon fiber for the most exclusive and unique aesthetics. Worth checking out for current TA05 VDF owners.

The new conversion kit has been enhanced with emphasis on the rear flex characteristics for improved mechanical traction. The Vertical Dual Frame design has been designed to be more interactive with the main chassis flex so that the two work in unison for better performance. The new low profile front damper stay has been designed so that it does not impact lower profile RC bodies. New positions have also been added to the damper stay for more mounting positions for a greater range of adjustments. The rear damper stay has been designed to accommodate both inner and outer body mounting positions. New battery holder plates are designed with LiPo batteries in mind so that it fits without any problem.

Team Bomber Conversion Kit Contents:
SP Main Chassis (Blue Carbon)
SP Front Vertical Double Frame (Blue Carbon)
SP Rear Vertical Double Frame (Blue Carbon)
SP Front Shock Stay (Blue Carbon)
SP Rear Shock Stay (Blue Carbon)
SP Battery Holder (White Carbon)
Approximate MSRP for this conversion kit is ¥19950JPY

Source: Team Bomber RC Products

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