Team Bomber Conversion Kit for Yokomo DRB

New Yokomo DRB SSG Special high traction conversion kit from Team Bomber. The new kit follows one that was released a few months ago for the original DRB. The new high traction chassis will enhance both traction and maneuverability. The new chassis has been enhanced to provide mechanical traction control for optimal RC drifting specifications.

New 2.0mm thick upper and main chassis plate allows for more flex to enhance traction and chassis roll characteristics. New 3.0mm thick damper stays now have new mounting positions for greater freedom in damper settings. This high traction chassis was designed specifically with countersteer (ketsukaki) drifting in mind. This new conversion kit is design for our perform anything else in the market. It is worth checking out!
Team Bomber Conversion Kit for Yokomo DRB
The set includes High Traction SSG main chassis (2 mm)
Upper Deck High Traction SSG for DRB (2 mm)
SSG · SP Front Damper Stay for the DRB (3 mm)
SSG · SP Rear Damper Stay For DRB (3 mm)
Twin Post Bumpers Yokomo SSG Support

The Team Bomber Yokomo DRB Conversion Kit

Source: Team Bomber

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