Team Bomber Yokomo DRB Servo Saver

Team Bomber just released a new red aluminium servo saver for the Yokomo DRB chassis. The new servo saver is a limited release and only available in Red. Team Bomber boasts that the new servo saver will provide the most accurate steering characteristics. Made of high quality aluminium alloys the upgraded servo saver is resistant to damage from crashes. Anodized in Yokomo Red to match the existing DRB for best style.

This option part is not the most necessary upgrade for the Yokomo DRB, but for those aluminium fanatics out there it would be perfect. Design new Team Bomber servo saver appears to be longer than one found in the stock kit. It is also curved at the pillow ball connector, we suspect it is to create better clearance for the ball connector.

Team Bomber – TB50064
Aluminum Servo Saver Yokomo (RED color only)
Approximately ¥2000JPY Yen
**Team Bomber products are recognized Yokomo**

Source: Team Bomber Japan

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