Team DHB Alloy Wingmounts

These are some really good looking high quality RC Drift wing mounts. Team DHB 1/10 Scale RC Wingmounts are available in 10 different designs with more ALWAYS in production. Team DHB prides themselves on keeping it Fresh. Additionally Team DHB have an advantage over other distributors, they are just that a team of small and organised RC drifters, and who know what a great quality product looks like!
Team DHB aren’t just distributors, they produce all of our products from sheets of Alloy & drawing up our designs, to packing and posting From start to finish Team DHB has you covered! DriftMission will be reviewing these wing mounts in the coming weeks so stay tuned! If you are looking for more information or a set for yourself check them out here!

This is how Team DHB like it, and how it will stay as every stage is overseen in the production by Team DHB so there is no room for slacking in quality.

Source: Team DHB

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