Team Magic E4D-MF Pro RC Drift Chassis

Recently released from Team Magic is the new E4D-MF Pro RC Drift chassis, this new chassis looks really good! The new E4D-MF Pro features 3 belts and comes with all the hop ups including aluminum motor mount, aluminum steering, and glittering carbon fiber!. The E4D-MF Pro features full ball bearings, 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis/upper deck/shock towers, and much more. These chassis are starting to show up at online retailers, most are currently on back order.
If you are lucky enough to already own one of these, let us know in the comments section or on our forum what you think of it!

E4D-MF Pro Features Part Number TM503015

  • Full Ball Bearings
  • 3 Belts Transmission
  • 2.5mm Glitter Carbon Fiber Chassis
  • 2.5mm Glitter Carbon Fiber Upper Deck
  • 2.5mm Glitter Carbon Fiber Shock Towers
  • 7075 Aluminium Steering System with Ball Bearings
  • 7075 Aluminium Motor Mount
  • 7075 Aluminium Anodized Shock Bodies
  • Fully Adjustable Turnbuckles
  • 4 Settings Adjustable Chassis Flexibility
  • Quick Release Battery Holder

E4D-MF Pro Main Specs

  • Width: 187.5mm adjustable
  • Wheelbase: 255~260mm adjustable
  • Front: Oneway/Spool Diff. Adjustable
  • Rear: Spool Diff.

Source: Team Magic