Tech Racing TA-06 Carbon Chassis Set

Tech Racing TA-06 Conversion

Tech Racing TA-06 ConversionTech Racing Japan is the first to release a carbon fiber double deck upgrade chassis for the Tamiya TA-06. Featuring carbon fiber main chassis, upper deck and rear damper stay. Battery access is no longer at the bottom of the chassis and has been relocated to the top. Removal of 2 rear screws will allow access to the battery chamber. The new design will surely increase the performance and potential of the Tamiya TA-06.

Chassis Specifications and Features:

  • Double-deck chassis set for Tamiya TA06 Touring Car
  • 2.5mm Carbon main chassis
  • 2.0mm Carbon upper deck 2.0mm carbon
  • 2.0mm Carbon rear damper stay
  • Reenforced Resin Battery Guides
  • Light blue anodized aluminum posts and handles
  • Designed to handle high powered brushless motor applications
  • Remove 2 of the rear upper deck screws to access battery chamber
  • Source: Tech Racing

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