Tech Racing TA-06 Option Parts

Hot from the new release of the TA-06 Drift Spec Conversion Kit, Tech Racing has release several option parts to enhance RC Drifting experience. The latest option parts lineup will include countersteer (CS) gears, front 3 way tube, front spool and steel diff cups. The tentative release date for the new parts will be October, check it out today.

TA06 Front Aluminum Countersteer Gears

The CS kit features a new front belt, 15T & 18T aluminum gears, and a steel drive shaft. The CS kit will be for the front differential only.
TA-06 Front 3-way Tube

This new 3-way housing includes 2 sets of drive cups. One set is used for traditional Front One-way effect. The second set can be locked in the center for a One-way Spool effect. The third is a solid spool effect up. This option part is especially useful for TC racers and also RC Drifters alike. Built to enhance your Drift RC experience.
TA-06 Steel Differential Joints

New steel differential joints to replace the weaker stock FRP equivalents. The new steel diff joints will be more durable and precise performance.
TA-06 Heavy Duty Drive Cups

Install with solid spool for best performance under braking and under throttle. These heavy duty drive cups are more durable and stronger for better performance.
Source: Tech Racing Japan

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