Top Line N-Model Ver. 2 Matte Black and Chrome Wheels

Top Line has just released 2 new color options for their Version 2 5 spoke N-model RC Drift wheels. Previously available in white, these are now available in Matte Black, and Matte Chrome/Silver. These two new options look fabulous and appear to have a very nice finish. The new design also adds a lip with the 5 spokes recessed, really a good look on these wheels. The most unique feature of the new N-model ver. 2 wheels is the 28mm width.
The additional width on the outer lip really add to the stretch tire look. Another feature of this wheel is the 3mm inner hex hub. These allow for the use of the 3mm hex hubs which are now quite popular in Japan. The details of these wheels are very good and also constructed to be very durable. Did we also mention that they are very affordable? We recently received a set of these, check them out for yourselves.

TOP LINE N-model Ver. 2

  • Available in 4mm, 6mm offsets
  • 28mm width wheel
  • Ideal for stretched tire look
  • Inset 5 spoke for the dish look
  • 3mm inner hex hub width

Approximate MSRP: ¥950JPY

Matte Chrome

  • 4mm Offset TDW-041MC
  • 6mm Offset TDW-061MC

Matte Black

  • 6mm Offset TDW-061MB
  • 4mm Offset TDW-041MB

Source: Speedworks/Top Line

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