Usukani Carbon Chassis Kit for Sakura D4 chassis

Usukani offers a carbon conversion chassis kit for the 3Racing Sakura D4 chassis. Designed for rigidity and performance, the conversion kit adds to the lineup of Usukani upgrades for the D4. The conversion kit includes a number of parts from the main chassis to the front bumper support along with a carbon version of the battery holder. The carbon conversion kits are available in Black or SSG carbon tribal designs. These items are available in your local Usukani dealers.

Usukani Carbon Chassis upgrade kit for the Sakura D4

  • Carbon main chassis
  • Carbon upper chassis plate
  • Front and rear Damper holders
  • Front bumper mount
  • Spur gear cover
  • Addon battery holder
    Approximate MSRP: $125.00 USD

    Source: Usukani