Usukani D4 Shaft Drive System Review

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More Aluminum Bling
Increased Performance and rigidity” negatives=”3Racing D4 RWD Version Only
Increased Sound (Gears)”]
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Usukani has introduced an aluminum rear shaft drive conversion system for the Sakura D4. This shaft system is compatible with the original 3 Racing Sakura D4 kit and Usukani D4 carbon conversion kit (RWD application only). This provides you the ability to change the belt drive system to a shaft and gear drive-train configuration.
We had a chance to try out the new shaft drive system and was glad to install it on a completely stock Sakura D4 RWD chassis. Check out the full install in our short time lapse video below.

Product Review

The installation of the shaft drive system was very straight forward and it helps to have built the chassis to begin with. The conversion kit requires some of the original D4 parts, but a vast majority are removed including many of the original screws and aluminum stiffeners. The overall quality of the aluminum and finish is high and we couldn’t find any burrs or blemishes. The instructions were very helpful with the installation of the kit. The switch to shaft drive from belt came with the usual increase in overall decibels of the running chassis, but Usukani have done a great job in making it a negligible difference. As a lot of the products we review on DriftMission don’t include any instructions, so it was nice to see helpful instructions included with the kit.
If you are not a fan of the gear drive-train, the conversion kit is also compatible as a belt drive system. The conversion kit makes it possible to switch between belt and gear drive-trains, it is not restricted to the gear drive only.

Usukani Shaft Drive Conversion Kit Specifications

  • Made of high quality aluminum
  • Integrates the motor case with the rear bulkhead
  • Aluminum rear solid axle
  • Aluminum bearing holders
  • Aluminum spur gear holder
  • Aluminum cross members
  • Aluminum center gears
  • Requires some D4 parts for the conversion
  • Compatible in a belt drive configuration
  • Compatible with 3 Racing Sakura D4 RWD chassis kit and Usukani Sakura D4 Carbon Chassis kit

Overall Quality

The aluminum parts are made of a high quality aluminum alloy and milled to a very high level of detail and quality. Assembly was made easy as all the parts are very precise which makes assembly and fitment quick and easy. Everything fastens very well together and the gears mesh very well together.
This kit replaces the entire rear bulkhead and motor mount of the chassis with a one piece aluminum bulkhead design. This kit generously adds more aluminum to the existing chassis and increases the performance and rigidity of the standard 3Racing D4 chassis. It is only made for D4 RWD chassis, and overall this is an excellent upgrade for any 3Racing D4 owner.

Overall Value

This kit retails for approximately $80USD and is very generously equipped for that price. It includes a number of additional parts that replaced a lot of the plastic parts from the original 3 Racing kit. Overall the value of this upgrade is fantastic and will leave you with a more fun to drift 3Racing Sakura D4.


If you are looking to upgrade your 3Racing Sakura D4 for more performance for under $100 USD this kit is for you, other D4 parts are available check out the Usukani line up here. Usukani is new to the scene but we are sure they are here to stay given the quality and design of their products. Converting the D4 to shaft drive was a very nice enhancement as you can see in our video below. The chassis became much more responsive and allows for more precise control of your throttle. After running the D4 with this Usukani Shaft Drive Kit, I can’t imagine going back! Overall we would recommend this kit to anyone looking to enhance the performance of the 3Racing Sakura D4.

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