Vertex Edge S15 Demo Car Body

T&E Vertex manufactures many parts for real 1:1 cars. Their body kits has always been at the forefront of beauty and performance. Vertex RC has introduced their 1:10 scale Vertex Edge S15 Demo Car body. Inspired by the 1:1 scale D1 demo car, this new body looks absolutely amazing and not a single detail has been left out. If you have ever dreamed of owning a RC Drift Vertex Edge body kit, now is your chance to get one, check it out!

Vertex RC spent over a year developing their first ever RC body. The no compromise mentality during the design process really shows, not a single detail was left out. The rear bumper was molded separately in order to preserve the detailing of the rear bumper. A polycarbonate spoiler is included with the body. This is a must have for any RC Drift enthusiast.

Pair this body with the Vertex RC Advan RG-D wheels and you can replicate D1 driver Nobuteru Taniguchi 1:1 car. It is worth checking out!
Source: Vertex RC

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