T&E Vertex Edge S15 Demo Car RC Drift Body Review


The Vertex Edge S15 Demo car was designed by Takahiro Ueno for the world class motorsport driver Taniguchi Nobuteru. Ueno, a D1GP legend in his own right, is the founder of T&E Vertex, which produces these body kits for 1:1 scale Nissan S15s. T&E recently expanded their products to the 1:10 scale world for Drift RC. This tenth scale Vertex Edge S15 was one of their first releases as Vertex-RC. As a fan of the 1:1 Vertex S15, this was one of the bodies that we had to get for ourselves. When we first saw the prototype of this body we were extremely impressed with it and had to get one! Building on our relationship with Vertex-RC we immediately ordered this body along with a set of Vertex Advan Racing RG-D to better match the styling of this car.

Overall Quality

The Vertex S15 190mm body shell is made of polycarbonate. The quality is similar to a Yokomo and Tamiya bodies. The kit includes rear diffuser, masking sheet and decals. I would rank this case in strength similar to that of Tamiya or Yokomo. All of the styling cues from the 1:1 Vertex Edge S15 was represented on the body, from the raised bonnet lines, front bumper, wide-body style appearance all the way to the rear diffuser. The Overall quality and detailing on the body was very impressive!

Product Review

Visually, this RC body has it all, clean lines, aggressive styling and wide-body stance. The quality of the body is also better than average, the lexan feels strong similar to a Tamiya or Yokomo body in quality. Masking was included with the body for the windows, front light and rear lights. Masking was not included for the front intake vents, but decals are included for the intercooler and details. The paint used for this body is Tamiya polycarbonate aerosol spray, both PS1 White and PS-34 Bright Red. The paint had not problems sticking to the lexan body, and the masking held up very well with very minor bleeding (not uncommon from other bodies I have sprayed). After running this RC body a number of cycles, it has held up remarkably well. The body has impressive detailing that rivals that of Yokomo, the overall attention to detail is extremely well done. It is evident that this is a modern wide body styled Vertex Edge S15.

My only complaint with the Vertex RC S15 body is that they do not include any light buckets. Similar to Yokomo, light buckets are separate. The front lights are not a problem as most S15 light buckets will fit, I personally tried a set of Tamiya S15 light bucket and it fit nicely. The Tamiya rear light buckets are too small sized for the Vertex S15, so for now, the Vertex transparent decals will have to suffice. I have contacted my representative at Vertex and he has recommended that I use HPI S15 light buckets for this body.

Overall Value

The body was ordered from Vertex RC for ¥4489 or roughly $60 USD. The price is slightly more expensive than most 1:10 scale bodies. But the quality of polycarbonate and detailing is very good and reflects the 1:1 version of the car. The only downside to this was that the body did not include light buckets at all. As with Yokomo you must order the light buckets separately, many new Tamiya bodies include light buckets. The light buckets required for this car are a custom size and existing buckets on the market do not fit well. This is the only downside of the body, but with that exception the overall value is very good. The only accessory that Vertex includes is the rear spoiler for the body, there are no mirrors, exhaust or any other accessory included with this body, not unlike HPI bodies.


As this was the first body we have seen from Vertex,

we were impressed with the quality, strength and attention to detail.

The only thing really missing from this body is light buckets, so this will be a work in progress until we can find a pair that fit or custom produce our own. Vertex is world renown for their work on the S15, because of this they are able to present one of the finest S15 body on the market today. Their reputation in 1:1 drifting is known worldwide, and now they have brought their expertise to 1:10 scale RC drifting. The Vertex S15 Demo Car is a very good representation of what they are capable of and we hope to see more from Vertex RC in the future.

Here is a short video of the Vertex Edge S15 running with the Kazama S15