Vertex RC 31mm Progressive Suspension Springs

Vertex RC 31mm suspension springs (1)

Vertex RC 31mm suspension springs (1)Vertex-RC has just released a new line of longer progressive springs for RC drift. The latest springs are 31mm in length, which are longer than the previous 29mm version. The new springs also feature greater range of spring rates from 67-94gf/mm. The new longer springs also provide a progressive spring rebound rates for improved track performance. These springs are also available in five different progressive rebound rates to suit driver preference. These springs are now available so get them for your RC Drift chassis.

The new Vertex RC Drift Springs are available in 31mm lengths. The longer than average springs provide progressive spring rate performance. Progressive springs are beneficial because of the varying spring rebound rates it can provide. The spring rates start very soft, as the spring compresses, the spring rate starts to increase. For example, at start of compression, it is 67gf/mm, after several millimetre of compression, the rate will change to a higher value up to a maximum value of 88gf/mm. The progressive springs can effect the rebounding characteristics, therefore giving suspension tuning another dimension. Suspension is an important characteristic in the performance of RC Drift cars so these would be an inexpensive upgrade for better performance.
Vertex RC 31mm Length Suspension Springs

  • Part Number: VVS310.12
  • Progressive spring rates
  • Softer spring rates than previous version
  • Longer springs capable of larger range of motion
  • More consistent performance
  • 67-94 gf/mm range of spring rates

Approximate MSRP: ¥420JPY
Vertex RC 31mm suspension springs (2)
Vertex RC 31mm Spring Specifications:

  • 1.2mm wire diameter
  • 31.0 mm length
  • Green spring rate 89 ~ 94gf/mm
  • Pink spring rate 85 ~ 92gf/mm
  • Brown/Tea spring rate 81 ~ 90gf/mm
  • Yellow spring rate 74 ~ 89gf/mm
  • Blue Spring rate 67 ~ 88gf/mm

gf/mm = grams force/millimeter
Source: T and E Vertex-RC

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