Vertex RC Adjustable Body Posts

Adjusting pins for the body annoying? We think so too! Vertex RC has introduced the adjustable body posts as the best hassle free solution for those frustrating pin problems. Inspired by coil-over suspension systems found in 1:1, these body mounts are very easy to use without any modification to your existing mounts. Secure the bottom to the Vertex adjustable post to your existing body posts, then rotate the upper portion to increase or decrease the post height; the post heights are secured with a secondary lock nut. Small adjustments have now become easier, check them out today!

Body Post Specifications:
Adjustment range:

0.5 – 10mm (infinitely adjustable, half a turn = 0.5mm)

Colours available (Post/Secondary Nut):
Retail Price ¥1,449
Source: Vertex RC

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