Vertex RC Long Suspension Springs

Vertex RC Drift Springs (1)

Vertex RC Drift Springs (1)Vertex-RC has just released a new line of longer and softer springs for RC drift. The latest springs are 29mm length, which are longer than traditional 26mm springs. The new springs also feature new softer spring rates; the previous release of springs range from 108-138 gf/mm, the new springs range from 72-94 gf/mm. The new longer and softer springs provide better and more consistant spring rebound rates for greater on track performance. These springs are also available in several rebound rates to suit user preference. These springs are now available so get them for your RC Drift chassis.

The new Vertex RC Drift Springs are available in 29mm lengths. Available varying spring rebound rates for your personal tuning performance. The longer than average springs provide better consistency and performance. The difference in spring length can effect the rebounding characteristics, therefore giving suspension tuning another dimension. Suspension is an important characteristic in the performance of RC Drift cars so these would be an inexpensive upgrade for greater performance.

1.2mm wire diameter
29.0 mm free length

Spring Colour Codes:

  • Green spring rate 94gf/mm
  • Pink spring rate 88gf/mm
  • Brown/Tea spring rate 77gf/mm
  • Yellow spring rate 75gf/mm
  • Blue Spring rate 72gf/mm

gf/mm = grams force/millimeter
Vertex RC Drift Springs (2)
Source: T and E Vertex-RC