Vertex RC VDR Drift Tires

Vertex RC has just released a line-up of drift tires for 1:10 scale RC Drifting. These new tires are shaped for the stretched tire look, with the Vertex emblem on the tire side-wall for the authentic look. These new drift tires are available in 5 different variations.

The new Vertex RC Drift wheels are available in 5 different grip variations. The bigger the number, the greater the grip. The VDR-04 would offer the most grip, where the VDF-00 would give the least amount of grip. These RC Drift tires are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Vertex RC VDR Drift Tires

  • 5 different grip levels from VDR-00 to VDR-04
  • Original Vertex RC product
  • VDR-00 and VDR-01 tires are recommended for RC Park Yokohama carper track
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥1470JPY per pair
    Source: T and E Vertex RC

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