Vertex RC Wide Angle Universal Drive Shafts

Vertex RC has release their very own 55 degree wide angle universal drive shafts for the Yokomo DRB. These universal drive shafts are featured in 44mm and 43mm lengths. The wide angle universal drive shafts are made of steel because of its high strength yet semi-flexible characteristics. An essential upgrade for anyone seeking more steering angle.

One of the most unique feature of these universal drive shafts is the extra set of holes on the drive cups. These extra set of holes allow the bone to be swapped over when worn to extend the life of the drive shafts. The hub axles are longer than to facilitate larger wheel offsets and additional spacers to be used. Vertex recommends the 43mm drive shafts for those using a gear differential unit with high camber applications. These 43mm drive shafts are a rare find for the Yokomo DRB so get yours today

These wide angle universal drive shafts can also be used in the Yokomo BD5 models which share the same suspension as the Yokomo DRB.
To purchase your CVD’s today please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by Vertex through our partnership available to viewers!
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Source: Vertex RC Japan

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