Vertex T&E Brake Caliper Set

Now you can get the full scale look of Vertex T&E brake calipers in red, gold, and blue. These will make any car stand out by giving it that real 1:1 Vertex feel. These are high quality RC Drift brake calipers and are designed to fit Drift Package, (Except Type C) Drift Master and D-Max. Retail Price ¥4750/$65USD

  • V-RCF-R (Front Red)
  • V-RCF-Y (Front Gold)
  • V-RCF-B (Front Blue)
  • V-RCR-R (Rear Red)
  • V-RCR-Y (Rear Gold)
  • V-RCR-B (Rear Blue)

Traditional wheel hubs will not work with these calipers. These brake calipers require Suzuki Wheel Hubs from Vertex to work properly. The wheel hubs have three prongs that grip the caliper disc.
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Source: Vertex T&E

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