Vertex T&E Clear Tail Light Decal Set

Vertex just can’t stop with these amazing products to help you add fine detail that completes the scale feel. These clear or smoked tail light decals will help to replicate the real look and feel of your ride. So if you already own a one of the classic bodies listed below you can get a set today for MSRP ¥525 / $7 USD.

Available for JZZ30 Soarer, S13 & S15 Silvia and JZX100 Mark II in both clear and smoke versions

From top to bottom: Standard, clear and smoke

Clear above and smoke below

  • YO-30CT Clear tail for Soarer (Yokomo)
  • YO-30ST Smoke tail for Soarer (Yokomo)
  • HP-30CT Clear tail for Soarer (HPI)
  • HP-30ST Smoke tail for Soarer (HPI)
  • HP-100MCT Clear tail for 100 Mark II (HPI)
  • HP-100MST Smoke tail for 100 Mark II (HPI)
  • YO-S13CT Clear tail for S13 Silvia (Yokomo)
  • YO-S13ST Smoke tail for S13 Silvia (Yokomo)
  • YO-15CT Clear tail for S15 Silvia (Yokomo)
  • YO-15ST Smoke tail for S15 Silvia (Yokomo)

Source: Vertex T&E

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