Weld Overdose Low Friction Ball Bearings

Weld Overdose RC products now offers low friction ball bearings. These new ball bearings offer less rolling resistance and more durable operation.

Bearings eventually need to be replaced, now Overdose offers a complete line of bearings that will fit most RC Drift chassis. These bearings are low friction ball bearings and specially lubricated for better performance and durability. Made of high quality materials, these are machined to high Overdose standards, these will ensure good performance of your RC Drift chassis.
Overdose OD1066 low friction bearings

  • 3x6x2.5mm with flange (4pcs)
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥840JPY
    Overdose OD1067 low friction bearings

  • 6x10x3mm (4pcs)
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥588JPY
    Overdose OD1028 low friction bearings

  • 4x8x3mm (2pcs)
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥315JPY
    Overdose OD1029 low friction bearings

  • 5x10x4mm (4pcs)
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥525JPY
    Overdose OD1030 low friction bearings

  • 10x15x4mm (4pcs)
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥630JPY
    Source: Weld Overdose