Weld Overdose Option Parts for Tamiya TA-06

Weld Overdose has started producing more and more Tamiya related parts for RC Drifting. Their latest Tamiya takeover is option parts for the TA-06 chassis. The TA-06 is slowly gaining popularity among drifters, especially in Japan, so these parts are made to address market demand. Overdose has a reputation for producing very functional and stylish products and this latest batch is no different. These option parts are well worth checking out if you are a Tamiya TA-06 drifter!

The previous TA series cars have always been exploited as drifters, and this new TA-06 is no different. Overdose is one of the first to step up and create new RC Drift related parts for this chassis. These parts are expected to be released in mid-December so better pre-order if you want them, OD parts are always a hot item in the Drift RC scene.
The first item is a new Steering Crank Assembly:

The new steering crank assembly is set up for adjustable Ackerman and is ideal for use with the previous C-hub and steering knuckle combination. The steering assembly is anodized in a nice blue to match the Tamiya TA06 parts. The steering links also come with an additiona offset linkage plate that allows for the IFS suspension setup to function properly. With this new steering assembly you can set the ideal ratio of Ackerman and lever shocks without having to worry about intereference from your dampers or tires.
The second item is a Rigid Rear Axle:

The traditional TA06 includes a fluid filled gear differential for the rear drivetrain. Although the gear differential is ideal for racing purposes, drifters often find that a solid axle in the rear is ideal. This new rigid axle, also known as direct coupling or spool, is made of rigid, lightweight aluminum gear and body. This new gear is designed to have smoother and better rotational accuracy to mesh with the stock drivetrain components. There are also aluminum sleeve covers to further strenghten the diff cups. Anodized in a nice blue to match the Tamiya TA06 parts.
The third item are new Rear Uprights:

OD states that this will be a very anticipated item for most drifters. The new rear uprights are made of high quality rigid aluminum and anodized to match Tamiyas blue color. The stock TA06 rear uprights are designed to give the chassis added traction for touring car racing. The lower profile stock design aids traction and therefore causes a problem when drifting. OD has created these new arms with greater adjustability to find that ideal slip/grip point. This new design gives the user greater adjustability with the upper mounting arms for greater tuning options. This part can also be adopted for the VDF or VDS if desired.
Source: Weld Overdose

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