Weld Overdose Steering Wiper for Yokomo DRB

Weld Overdose has released their new steering wiper assembly for the Yokomo DRB. These new steering wipers will feature adjustable ackerman angle and as always, incredible Overdose styling. The first production run of these OD steering wipers sold out within days of their release, which was a huge surprise to Overdose. The next production release will be in mid-December of 2011, so pre-order if you desire a set of these OD steering wiper.

The new option parts are made to improve performance of existing stock components and designed to further enhance overdose option parts for this chassis. The new steering wiper will have 3 adjustable positions where the tie-rod attaches for several different ackerman options.

The information on the chart is as follows, inside wheel angle, outside wheel angle and difference in angle

Source: Weld Overdose

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