Weld Overdose Tamiya TA-06 Steering Assembly

Weld Overdose option parts for the Tamiya TA-06 is now available. The TA-06 has been gaining popularity with RC Drifters everywhere so new option parts are only inevitable. These new parts were announced in November of 2011, now ready for release is the TA-06 Steering Linkage. The new steering assembly will produce better steering angles and features adjustable Ackerman angle. Extra clip-ons are included to accommodate for the in-board style suspension (IFS set-up).

The previous TA series cars have always been exploited as drifters, and this new TA-06 is no different. Overdose is one of the first to step up and create new RC Drift related parts for this chassis. The new OD TA-06 steering assembly appears to be longer to create better steering angle. The additional pieces are included which is necessary to adjust the IFS suspension mounts to clear the new steering assembly. Small modifications are necessary in order for these new option parts to fit properly. Shorter turn-buckle shafts (54247) are needed to link the steering knuckle to the steering assembly. Tamiya ball connectors also need to be shortened in order for this new upgrade to fit properly.

Overdose Steering Crank Assembly
The new steering crank assembly is set up for adjustable Ackerman and is ideal for use with the previous C-hub and steering knuckle combination. The steering assembly is anodized in a nice blue to match the Tamiya TA06 parts. The steering links also come with an additiona offset linkage plate that allows for the IFS suspension setup to function properly. With this new steering assembly you can set the ideal ratio of Ackerman and lever shocks without having to worry about intereference from your dampers or tires.
Source: Weld Overdose

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